The Daragoj story

Although Beagles have been the love of my life, the Daragoj story did not start with these merry little hounds. In fact, there is quite a bit of history preceding the purchase of my first Beagle. I registered my prefix with the Finnish Kennel Club in 1966 when my first litter of Borzois was born.

My foundation bitch was International and Nordic Ch. Kara-Kyralina de Norois, born in Switzerland on January 9, 1964, and bred by Mrs. Ursula V-Trueb. She was the first Borzoi to gain the International title in Finland. I was in my late teens, and since being involved in breeding any other breed was inconceivable to me, I obtained a Russian prefix to fit the Borzois.

Kara-Kyralina de Norois
Int & Nord Ch Kara-Kyralina de Norois

Int & Nord Ch Kara-Kyralina de Norois

My very first own dog was, however, a Finnish-bred Boxer dog, Anjukan Lassi, bought in 1960.  A year later, I was already competing with him in the Obedience ring.

Anjukan Lassi
Anjukan Lassi

Anjukan Lassi and Eeva
Anjukan Lassi with proud owner

In 1962, I went to Sweden on my Christmas holidays -- ostensibly to brush up my language skills as I had studied Swedish during the previous fall term at school, but the real reason was an opportunity to work at a Swedish kennel. During those teen years, I visited many leading kennels in Germany and Britain. On one of these trips in 1969, I bought a Smooth Fox Terrier dog, Newmaidley Goliath (Ch. Newmaidley Vodka Newmaidley Kala).

Newmaidley Goliath
Newmaidley Goliath

Basset Hounds came into the picture in 1973.

Ch Daragoj Musta Rudolf

Ch Daragoj Musta Rudolf

Ch Daragoj Musta Ruusu

FIN & S Ch Sanchu's Cottonwood
Daragoj Kaaleppi
Ch Daragoj Kaaleppi

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Lhasa Apso

Ch Orlane's Serena

Ch Orlane's Shakara
Ch Orlane's Shakara

Daragoj Storm Warning (unshown)

Ch Daragoj Touch Of Magic
Daragoj Touch of Magic
Ch Daragoj Final Warning
Daragoj Final Warning (unshown)

Ch Daragoj Proud Mary

Ch Tanac's Dancing In The Dark

Ch Daragoj Primetime

Tibetan Terrier

FIN & S Ch Sadi-Ya's Magic So Much


Tibetan Spaniel

Daragoj Paulina
Daragoj Paulina
Toyway's Catri-Oon
Toyway Catri-Oona



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