Pupu (Daragoj Crystal Rain) said farewell to the show ring in style, winning Best of Breed at our Winners' Show in
Helsinki on December 17. He will make way to his children and grand children. He will be shown only if there are especially interesting judges (and there aren't many of them left today!)  

His grandson Daragoj Laudatur was the second best male and gained the Junior Winner title at 9 months of age. The third best male was Daragoj Falconer while Daragoj Solid Gold was fourth best male. 

Best Opposite Sex was Laudatur's sister, Daragoj Laboheme, who won the Finnish Winner and the Junior Winner title. Their dam, Daragoj Heaven Can Wait, was Excellent-3. The judge was Mr. Gunnar Nyman from Denmark.  

At the Nordic Winners' Show on December 18, Daragoj Solid Gold was BOB from the Veterans Class. He was also BIG-4. Congratulations to the grand old man! No Daragoj females were entered. The judge was Mrs. Riitta Lahtovaara from Finland.

Daragoj Red Pepper was BIS at Valkeala, Finland. Judge was Finnish all rounder judge and beagle breeder Paavo Mattila.

I was recently in Slovakia
to judge a Beagle specialty on the first day and Poodles and Lhasa Apsos at an international show on the second day. Seppo and I flew first to Vienna where we spent a couple of days shopping and sightseeing – admiring the beautiful historic buildings and visiting the Spanish Riding School to see the Lipizzan horses. Then we continued to Bratislawa where we stopped to see the Presidential Palace and to have a lunch.

My most sincere thanks to the Beagle Club and the International Show Committee in Nitra for well organized shows.

Gala Paloma - Gala Professional

The Beagle entry was 74 dogs. The BOB and BOS were litter sisters from Hungary. Both had excellent breed type. I especially liked the male (Gala Professional) who had beautiful side gait, but, unfortunately, his head was a little too heavy with loose skin on the neck. His sister (Gala Paloma) did not quite equal his side gait and did not have the same drive behind, but, in other respects, she was an excellent Beagle. At the international show, the Standard Poodle I sent forward was Best in Show on the day and went on to compete for the overall Best in Show, only to be defeated by a Finnish Dalmatian. My Lhasa Apso BOB placed third in the group.

Daragoj Frank Zappa won BIS all breeds at Warsaw Poland.


Daragoj Freddie Mercury was BOS and club winner at Beagle club off Czech Republic.


Bruce Smith, Briarhill beagles, USA, visited us in August. We had a great time. This was Bruce's third visit to Finland.



Daragoj The Oriental won BIS at Dieppe. He is the only beagle in France who has won twice all breed BIS.

Clarion Cameo Magic Man, "Magic", started his showcareer by going best of breed at Oulu, judge was Karl-Erik Johansson from Sweden.

At the end of April Mr Baciński (kennel Catulus) from Poland visited us (or the "Beagle University" as he self likes to express it!).

We had some very rewarding conversations. Here are a couple of photos of Mr Baciński with a few Finnish Beagle enthusiastics.


FCI has confirmed in March the International show champion tittle to Daragoj Frank Zappa, owned by Andrzej Baciński, Poland. Congratulations!!

At the beginning of February 2005 the new Beagle fancier Christophe Duval from France visited us with his wife Charlotte. We had great time talking of beagles and visiting Helsinki.

Daragoj Freddie Mercury, owned by Marcela Piszczatowska, participated the Slovakian Champion of Champions show in December 2004. He was the first vice Champion of the show! Congratulations, Marcela!


Clarion Cameo Magic Man, "Magic", was imported from Australia to Finland in October 2003. In November 2004 Magic moved to live with Marjukka Alhava, with whom I co-own Magic and Rocco (Daragoj Viva Zabata). Visit also their own homepage. Magic has so far participated only one match show with huge amount of dogs. Magic won the whole show! This year Magic will be shown in an official show, too.


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